About Us

One of things that we’re proud of is the loyalty of our customers. Over the last few years, we’ve focused on protecting them (householders, busineses and public sector organisations) from the threat of theft, property damage and fire. Our customers seem to value our approach and have recommended other new customers to us. It’s probably because we are totally focused on: Protecting their properties, contents and valuables.

Deterring intruders, thieves and vandals from the commercial properties and homes we look after.

Understanding customers’ individual requirements to find the best security solution.

Part of our success has come from our links with the Police and Insurance Industry. This has kept us up to speed with latest criminal practices and how to deter them. Security industry manufacturers also often ask for our views on new products – such is the value they place on our opinion and experience.

It isn’t just customer loyalty we’ve come to value. We’re also very proud of our great and loyal staff, who are passionate about protecting our customers’ people, properties and contents as we are. Why not contact us today? We’d love to help safeguard and protect what’s valuable to you.


Our mission

Our mission is to compete successfully any segments we enter in security, by satisfying our customers’ preferences better than the competition. We wish to optimize customers’ advantages to have security in their company which will be done in a manner that is profitable, socially responsible, sustainable and creates value for the company.

Our Vision

To be recognized in Quebec’s private security industry, by offering superior quality services to our customers and by responding efficiently to our customers’ requirements.