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Our Mission

 It is to compete successfully any segments we enter in security, by satisfying our customers’ preferences better than the competition. We wish to optimize customers’ advantages to have security in their company which will be done in a manner that is profitable, socially responsible, sustainable and creates value for the company.

Our Vision

To be recognized in Quebec’s private security industry, by offering superior quality services to our customers and by responding efficiently to our customers’ requirements.

Our Philosophy

We believe that our customers deserve security that is focused on protecting people, properties, and valuables. Our customers value our approach and have recommended other new customers to us. Over the course of our history, we at Lyratech have protected our customers (householders, busineses and public sector organisations) from the threat of theft, property damage and fire. We are experts at deterring intruders, thieves and vandals from the commercial properties and homes we look after.

Part of our success has come from our links with the law enforcement and the insurance industry. We strive to be up to date on the latest practices criminals are using, the the best practices to deter and prevent them. We have been honored to advise security manufacters with reviews of their products to test their safety and efficacy – such is the value they place on our opinion and experience.

Our Leadership

It isn’t just customer loyalty we’ve come to value. We’re also very proud of our great and loyal staff, who are passionate about protecting our customers’ people, properties and contents as we are. Below are some of our leadership here at Lyratech Inc and brief descriptions of their combined over half century of security experience. Some names have been abbreviated to protect the identities of our staff.

Nehat Kaloshi – Owner and President

Nehat has been the President of Lyratech Inc for nearly two decades, following a long naval career which instilled in him the skill for being a leader in security services. Nehat has been granted the certifications for: Combat Diver & Naval Warfare, German Naval Operations, Krav Maga, military self-defense and fighting systems, Leadership studies & military law, Predictive Profiling, Situational Awareness Specialist, as well as German Navy Martial arts – Grappling fighting technique.